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Town Hall Meeting June 28, 2017


Future Directions of the Trout and Salmon Program in Lake Huron

 The Town Hall meeting will be held at the Lighthouse Restaurant and Lounge in Rogers City starting at 6 pm. Free pizza and pop will be served

Everyone is welcome including non-members

There will be a brief presentation and then the focus will be on questions and suggestions from those attending

Many of you are probably aware of the constant changes occurring with the Lake Huron salmon and trout fishery. This past spring there has been much discussion about a heavy harvest of lake trout by anglers from Rogers City to Drummond Island during 2016 and there might need to be a reduction of the daily lake trout bag limit from 3 to 2 fish. Regulation of these waters is covered under the State, US and Tribal 2000 Great Lakes Fishing Federal Court Decree and the anglers exceeded their quota so it appeared that a penalty would have to be invoked. Biologists from the above parties, updated their biological model and the new estimates showed that there are more lake trout in northern Lake Huron than previously predicted. These results allowed the lake trout bag limit to remain at a 3 fish daily bag limit through at least June. The parties are working on an agreement that would continue the current 3 lake trout daily bag limit through the 2017 lake trout season. This issue will be discussed.

Another item that will be discussed is the benefits for anglers to assist DNR creel clerks by providing information on their catches. These data are used in the biological model and it shows which species are providing the best return to anglers. For example, the high lake trout catch rates by anglers during 2016 demonstrated that lake trout were abundant and this information along with catch results from surveys and commercial fisheries indicated that the lake trout harvest limits could be increased.

To learn more about Chinook salmon, lake trout, Atlantic salmon, steelhead, pink salmon, Coho salmon, and even walleye in Lake Huron please plan to attend the Town Hall meeting on June 28.